• A company incorporated under Romenian law (SPV) the head of which has already requested all the permits necessary to give the go-ahead to the project of setting up a PV plant.
    The special purpose company will be the owner of the project itself.
  • We identify the land that meets up with the necessary requirements to be able to set up a PV site.
  • We will deal with the practical aspects of either buying or leasing the land.
  • from the public authorities for the land and town planning
  • from the electricity supplier for connection to network
  • from the ANRE for the permits that allow the system to be officially certified as a supplier of energy
  • we provide consultancy relating to evaluating the best financial channels to meet the need.
  • we are aware of the conditions required to obtain the finanzabilit√† of projects, key points to remember are guaranteed by the Sponsor, the EPC performance bond, cash collateral, the existence of contracts of sale for energy and CV
  • we get the best price for the green certificates, in the name and in behalf of our clients, in the OPCAM market and with our energy distributors.
  • we define the technical characteristics to optimize performance and to ensure trustworthiness and durability
  • particular care is taken in the choice of the materials and the details that make the difference in terms of quality and the performance of the PV system
  • we supply all the equipment and electrical components necessary to transfer the energy produced from the PV modules to the electricity network (grid)
  • Engineering Procurement & Construction, we guarantee to supply "keys in hand" the complete PV installation, following all the phases: from the economic-financial feasibility analysis to the installation of the PV modules, including the provision of all necessary documents and authorizations.
  • we provide assistance and complete and regular maintenance of the installation so that we can guarantee a speedy check on possible inefficiencies that could cause a drop in production and financial loss


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