Needless to say that renewable energy sources represent a real opportunity for development.
Romania to support this sector is taking measures and financial support more effective.

The Romanian market of electricity, given the exponential growth and the high interest generated among investors, plays a major role in the European context.

TLES is proud to operate successfully in this area.
We have many years of experience in the market, hundreds of systems installed and a team of professionals who, through in-depth knowledge of the area, are able to support a potential investor in all stages of the decision-making process and implementation of the project.

We provide a complete business plan specifically detailing the investment opportunities based on the needs of the investor himself.
Are explained:
  • the investment required for the project;
  • the main technical data of the operation;
  • sources of funding provided for the project;
  • the total amount of costs incurred for system services, transport and OPCOM for trading green certificates;
  • the amount of revenue arising from the value of the energy and green certificates;
  • inflation rates and discount which adjust the amounts calculated;
  • balance sheet;
  • amortization plan;
  • the income statement;

In addition, the service we provide is "complete and the analysis of feasibility" to actual construction of the project to the location of the green certificates market.

Meet our services in detail.


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