TLES top level energy systems S.R.L. is a company that works in the PV sector in Romania and is controlled by SKY-NRG s.r.l., an Italian company that specialises in energy efficiency.

SKY-NRG s.r.l. was founded in 2007 by four young entrepreneurs who, after experiencing constant and continuous growth of their activity, decided to diversify their business.
They formed four distinct divisions:
  • solar energy
  • wooden homes
  • energy upgrade
  • domotics
and decided to export their experience in solar energy to Romania.

  • To follow each of our customers in their worthy investment within the sector of green economy.
  • To invest in this field is to contribute to the concept of sustainable development both from a environmental point of view as well as a social one.
  • We want to make every one of our customers aware of the important role he assumes, since he plays a vital part in the achievement of the goals of energy efficiency set by the European Union.

We are deeply convinced that green energy is one of the roads which will lead us to a better world.


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