photovoltaic system - PROJECT 1010
Owner:PROJECT 1010
Locality:Municipality of Sofronea, Arad, Rumania
Method of Installation:on the roof and on the ground
Total potential:4 MWp
Connection:MT - 20KV
Current Status :connected
Project details:
Land area: 7 ha
Roof dimensions: 5.200 m²
Surface area covered by the ground modules: 51.434 m²
Surface area covered by roof modules: 5.077 m²
Technical Characteristics
Modules: Amerisolar - AS6P30 - policristallino - 250 W
Strings: 695
Panels per string: 23
Angle of inclination of the panel to the earth: 36°
Angle of inclination of the panel to the roof: 12°
Orientation of the ground modules: sud
Orientation of the roof modules: est-ovest
Inverters: 4
Power Inverter: 1 inverter CPXT 630 + 3 inverter CPXT 800
Inverter manufacturer: SMA
Transformers: 2
Transformer power: 2 trasformatori TCS 1600 SC
Transformer manufacturer: SMA
Security: Visual and Thermal CCTV around the perimeter


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